When you look at any social media platforms, especially Instagram, you will be awed and overwhelmed with the number of models who have those perfect curves and lean tummy. With these pictures and videos spreading in Instagram, you cannot help but to look at yourself in the mirror and think about your own body.  

If you have bigger boobs and fewer fats on the stomach, you probably will not resonate with this. However, when your fats are bigger than your booty and boobs, then this is something that you can relate to. 

There are many ways on how to lose weight, both traditional and new. Some people opt for traditional ways such as hitting the gym and doing physical activities like sports and yoga, others opt for more natural ways like eating healthy foods and maintaining a healthy diet, and the rest are taking advantage brought by science and technology.  

There are still procedures you can choose from when you opt for the high-tech procedure, there are also choices you need to choose from, and the newest among the list is the Endoscopic Sleeve Gastroplasty, this is why it is a common question now on how to find the best gastroenterologist near me 

Traditional methods may not be working no matter how hard you try, and this is why we have gastroplasty to make losing weight more convenient. However, there are certain factors that you need to consider when it comes to being qualified for the procedure.  

One of the most basic requirements is good health. If the patient is experiencing some heart failures, the doctor may opt to postpone the surgery until you lose some weight through exercise and diet. This is to ensure that the anesthesia will work on you once you are undergoing the procedure or surgery.  

Another big factor you need to take into consideration is losing weight on your own before undergoing the surgery. In fact, this is needed. This means that the patient will be advised to have exercise and diet to lose some weight before the surgery for a month to ensure that the patient is dedicated to losing weight even after the surgery.  

A person will be qualified for an endoscopic sleeve gastroplasty if his/her BMI is over, or if he/she has 100 pounds or more weight. When the patient does not have the target BMI, he/she might not be qualified for a procedure.  

There are a lot of diseases that can be associated with obesity or having more weight than normal. These include sleep apnea, heart disease, a fatty liver that is not associated with alcohol, and others. The doctors also have the authority to reject or postpone the surgery when the doctors think you are not fit for the procedure.  

When you are planning on taking the procedure and losing weight, make sure that you have the right professionals inserting the sutures to your throat down to your stomach. Hire only the skilled professionals that have the experience to see results and for safety.